Hours Of Service:

GoldLine Notary, LLC strives to provide services for the busy person outside of “normal” business hours. Needs can be met to accommodate every situation, even emergency notarizations. General Notary Work can be completed on an appointment based system. Due to me being a Loan Signing Agent (certified to perform mortgage loan closings) the hours that are needed might not always be available.

Early mornings

Early morning hours are from 6am-8am. If an earlier time is desired,
an appointment but be made in at least 24 hours in advance unless
this is an emergency appointment. Depending on location, travel
fees will be incorporated at the federal IRS rate of $0.58/mile roundtrip.


Morning to Early afternoon hours are from 9am-1pm. Appointments must be made for General Notary Work (GNW). This includes notarizations for miscellaneous items such as Authorization to Release forms, ID verifications, Power of Attorneys, Wills, Vehicle release forms, etc.

Late night- Weekends

Late night hours are typically 5pm-Midnight according to my work schedule. These hours of availability change often. If you desire a notary after these hours, an appointment MUST be made and payment must be made first to secure your spot. Weekend hours are 24/7 and made by appointment only.

How can I be of service to you?

NOTE: You must be on time for your scheduled appointment time. A no show for you could be a loss of several hundred dollars for me!

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