Becoming a Mobile Signing Agent

Published by KaSheena L. Wilbur, CNSA
July 20, 2019

When I express that I am a mobile signing agent, a lot of people look at me with a confused look. I can tell of facial expressions and non-verbal communication that a lot of people have absolutely no clue what a mobile signing agent is or how to become one. I will detail exactly my process of my journey to becoming a mobile signing agent in just 4 months.


The first step is to become commissioned as a NOTARY PUBLIC. A notary public is an official impartial witness. We are verifying that a signature on legal documents are true and accurate to help deter fraudulent transactions. This process is completed thru your Secretary of State’s page. For Indiana, the appropriate website is An application must first be submitted and approved for you to be issued a commission. These are valid for 8 years. Once you are validated, purchase your supplies, i.e. personal stamp, notary journal, paper, laser ink printer (you are going to be printed a lot of pages), ink, etc.


Congratulations on getting your commission! Now lets start marketing you new business. I started by thinking of a name for myself. It took about 2 weeks of settling on a business name for myself and creating a website. When starting out, I found the most efficient way to get my name out there for notary services without spending a lot of money. It is your business, so put into it what you want to get out of it. is an excellent source for building a website. It is inexpensive and has templates to help with the design or your website. You also have the ability to check if certain domain names are available. I started with a basic Google name search to make sure the name I wanted was not already taken. Once a website has been created and business name chosen, it’s time to spread your wings!


A good website is the National Notary Association or NNA. For a small fee you can sign up for a training class and take a test to be certified as a Notary Signing Agent. All of the supplies, testing materials needed are included in the fee for certification. This is a continual education class offered with renewal options every 2 years. Completing the necessary steps gains you access to be listed on, a National notary database other signing companies and title and escrow agents can search for their Notaries.

Decide on whether you want to travel out or having the clients come to you. Pick an area(s) you would like to service and stick to that plan. Don’t forget that this is your business. You set your own hours, mobile travel fee, service areas, and what type of signing you want to do. Take a chance and put yourself out there. I’ve created a Google search for my business. I want people in my area and surrounding to be able to find me. Searching either my business name or my personal name, you will come across my website or my profile and a signing company’s web page. I want my area to know that I am local and available to service my community.


Indiana and Maryland are the only 2 states that require notaries to have a TITLE PRODUCER LICENSE. To obtain this license for Indiana, registration with the Indiana Land and Title Association is a must in order to complete Title Insurance. Classes are offered online and in classrooms and will usually run around $320.00. It sounds expensive, but 1 signing from a title company could pay you.$300 for a closing causing you to essentially pay for the class itself. Having this certification can also guarantee higher paying signings. Stay up to date on all documentation. Every few years, documents, wording, etc. are changing to meet the needs of the people. It is best to stay abreast of all information so that it is well delivered at signings. Even though notaries are just witnessing signatures, we also must describe each document being signed. We need the client to be positive in what we are stating is true and accurate.

Being a Notary is an excellent source of secondary income. I set my own schedule, price, and travel distance. This job also allows me to meet many different people along the way. Some are embarrassed to be in their situation, but I love to see the smiles on their faces once they know that no one is perfect and everyone hits their rough patch in a while. The only difference is they chose not to stay there.

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